1. We’ve fired Kári and replaced him with someone who’s both cuter AND has more effect pedals to work with. No regrets.


    Shoegaze cat pt 2

    (Source: shoegazecat, via bikeboyclub)


  2. We just had this short documentary made about us. It’s pretty nice, if you speak Icelandic.


  3. …aaaaand IT’S OFF! Oyama 💖 Imperial Records Japan record contract is boxed and ready to travel and we are a little bit excited in case you didn’t notice. (at Pósturinn)


  4. these dawgs are psyched #dawgyama


  5. Did you know that Úlfur and Kári were in a two man punk band called the Fist Fokkers before Oyama was born?
    It was good.


  6. Hi Paris! We’re playing Air d’Islande at Point Éphémère tonight. Fashion boys on your marks, get set… #airdislande #kalosregion #lumiosecity #oyama


  7. Playing in Paris next Friday at Festival Air d’Islande.

    Really excited!


  8. We’re excited to play Ekko in Utrecht tonight! 20:45 ⌚️😎 #Oyama (at Ekko)




  10. hi from a box in Assen #chickinabox